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Home Automation - Residential Electric Dallas

Home Automation

Want to control your home from your Smartphone? We offer home automation packages to meet your needs and desires. Packages can include the basics like temperature and lighting control from your personal mobile device, all the way up to the most high-tech sound and home theater systems that will make your home complete. 

There is nothing like the convenience of home automation through your mobile device. Home automation will increase the comfort of your home while you have it, but also the resale value once you decide to put it on the market. Smart home automation devices increase the comfort, convenience, and security of your home. There are an enormous variety of home automation products on the market today, ranging from complete smart home packages to the most simple alert systems. With the right products and wiring, you can control, monitor, and secure your home with remotes, modules, and sensors, all from the convenience of your smart device. 

Residential DFW Smart Home

Smart Home Automation:

  • Home automation controllers
  • Lighting and appliance controls
  • Home automation sensors
  • Environmental reporting systems
  • Smart thermostats and climate controllers
  • Smart irrigation systems
  • Window control systems
  • Window blind control systems
  • Door and gate systems
  • Garage door openers
  • Smart door locking systems

There are so many automations that you can add to your home electric system! It seems like every day more and more possibilities come to reality. 

For example:

Wake Up

You can start your day being woken up by the dim glow of Sengled bulb. You can program this bulb to turn on little by little beginning at a specific time to wake you up gently.

Automated Sprinklers

 Living in through Texas Summers can be a tough on anyone and even tougher on our lawns when we forget to water! The Rachio automated sprinkler system is an intelligent system that reads the weather and acts accordingly. This can be a water saver and a plant and grass saver, especially when you are traveling or you just plain forget to turn on the water. 


With Alexa, you can program a countdown routine to get you and your family out of the house on time, every time! With this feature, Alexa can remind you of times as you get closer to your scheduled departures for school, work, or other appointments. This can take a lot of pressure off of parents and spouses by letting Alexa do all the dirty work of keeping track and announcing the time. 

Ceiling Fans

There’s a device called BOND that can make your fans smart fans. Once installed, you can program the fans to turn on via motion sensor when you walk in a room and set them to turn off after a specific amount of time or after the room dips below a specific temperature. This can give you a no-brainer approach to managing heat and AC in hot Texas Summers. 

Automated Vacuum

With the Roborock vacuum, you can set an automation that turns the system on once you leave the home. In this way, you don’t have to think about vacuuming and will always come home to a tidy home. 

Leak Sensors

These days there are a number of new systems that integrate sensors to detect leaky pipes and other potentially damaging home disasters. These can all be set up to make your home safe and protect it from major damage that could not be detected or prevented in the past. 


Many people are already using the Nest system to optimize their electrical use, especially in areas like Texas where weather can change drastically and quickly. With Nest, it can sense when you are home and optimize the temperature accordingly. When you are away, the system will minimize and the results are that you will use less electricity over all. 

These are just a few of the potential home automation systems available on the market today. As home automation becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, these systems and controls become second nature.

If you need any help installing smart home automation, give us a call! We love to see how you use your creativity to automate your home. 


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