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Basic Residential Wiring - Residential Electric Dallas

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Basic Residential Wiring

In a typical contemporary bedroom layout you’ll have 3 switches, one for a light, another for a ceiling fan and the third controlling an outlet. In addition, you’ll have 7 outlets, 2 per wall and 1 outlet on the wall with the entry door. Outlets are generally placed within 6 feet of both sides of the entry door and then around the room within 12 feet of each other. 

As a general rule, we budget 1.5 amps per outlet or light fixture. When we’re wiring with 20 amp circuit, we can generally cover any room in a modern residential home. We run a wire from the panel to the switches and then run from the switches to the fan, the light and the outlet we want to control.

Power Outlet Dallas
Power Outlet

In a kitchen for example, we run an outlet within 2 feet of either side of the sink and then another outlet within 4 feet on the back wall for the rest of the counter space. We would also have 20 amp dedicated circuits for the disposal and additional other larger appliances including dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, oven and vent. 

Living areas are set up very similar to bedrooms in the number of outlets and basic schematics. However, one of the switches is likely to be run to recessed can lighting in the ceiling and other lighting circuits that may require additional switches. 

In older homes, the wiring was not so extensive and there may be limitations to what the outlets can handle. If you are in an older home, we highly recommend that you call a licensed electrician to come out and take a look at not only the wiring schematic, but also the safety and wear of the wiring you are using. Obviously, we use many more appliances and gadgets that we ever have before and overloading circuits by daisy-chaining power strips to handle all of our computer, phone and technology is dangerous and can lead to, tripping breakers at the least and increased risk of fire and electric shock at worst.

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